Holiday Gift Books 2021: Science

Learning From the World’s Worst Diseases

Europeans Once Drank Distilled Human Skulls as Medicine

Remembering Samuel Park

Seven Doctors Project: Physicians Take On Creative Writing

On Writing a History of Nightmare Pandemics, During A Pandemic

Redefining The Strong Female Character

Historical Novels – Your Research To-Do List

How It Happened

Keeping Your Eyes to Yourself

Secrets to Writing a Series

The Diversity Struggle for a POC Author

Left Brain, Right Brain: How to Use Both

Women Writers, Women[s] Books Q&A



The Clot
Great Weather For Media’s Summer 2013 Anthology, The Understanding Between Foxes and Light

In the NICU; The Tumor
Hektoen International Vol 4, Issue 3. Fall 2012.

Poetry Pact, volume I
An anthology of poetry. June 2012.

Cemetery at Dusk; Antonia’s Grave; A Question of Death.

Canadian Medical Association Journal
August 10, 2010 doi:10.1503/cmaj.100434

An Infinite Fraction
Journal of General Internal Medicine
April 10, 2010 25(7):754

They Were Beautiful Once
Canadian Medical Association Journal
Oct 27, 2009 doi:10.1503/cmaj.090712

Omaha World Herald, Nov 24, 2008
PDF pending

Filling the Empty Room Anthology
Morpo Press 2009



“The Cobbler.” Vine Leaves Literary Journal #4 October 2012, page 2.



The First Wake: Journal of the Amercian Medical Association. 2009;301(5):467-468.

The Veil: Annals of Internal Medicine. 2006;145:932.

A Lost Aunt: Canadian Medical Association Journal. June 29, 2011 doi:10:1503/cmaj.101686

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